Water soluble paper

2022-09-28 | Biodegradable

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Water soluble paper is :

An advanced paper technology that can dissolve quickly in water or biodegrade in a moist environment. 


Paper making method:

The manufacturing method adopts the processes of pulping, hanging pulp, vacuum dehydration, drying and calendering. The 1st step: making web paper, pulping water-soluble vinylon fibers into fine fibers, wet papermaking into webs, vacuum dehydration, and drying. The 2nd step: making water-soluble paper, the mesh paper is slurried in a saturated solution of polyvinyl alcohol, dehydrated in a vacuum, dried, and calendered by a calender to obtain a water-soluble paper. The drying temperature in the first and second steps is lower than 70°C. The water-soluble paper prepared by the above method is composed of water-soluble vinylon fiber and polyvinyl alcohol, and the water-soluble vinylon fiber mesh paper is hung with polyvinyl alcohol. The water-soluble paper has a good water-soluble effect and is completely soluble at a water temperature of 70 °C. The manufacturing process is simple, the air permeability is zero after hanging polyvinyl alcohol, and the equipment investment is small. The bag made of water-soluble paper is not exposed, and medical equipment is sterilized to prevent secondary infection. It is not easy to be scratched, and can be widely used in the medical industry.



Now is mainly used in medicine water-soluble packaging, printed waterproof labels, food inner packaging, toys and other special needs. Innovations Packaging manufacturer have mature manufacturing technology with water soluble paper produce Handbags, Envelopes, etc.


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